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Computer Sales & Service Division


Welcome to Kiran Computers. One of India's upcoming retailers of IT hardware, Peripherals and accessories. We list a huge range of the brands such as HP, COMPAQ, HCL, LG, ZENITH Samsung, IBM, Toshiba, Kingston, Transcend, Hynix and Scandisk. We feature 100 produsct lines including the latest Laptop batteries, AC adaptors, Monitor, Mother Board, CPU, Hard Disk, Printer, Scanner, Keyboard, Mouse, Switches, Router, Len Card, Cable, PCMCIA cards, Flash memory cards, Memory modules and huge range of USB products all at near trade prices. All product featured come with a minimum one year warranty. We offer some of the best products from the top brands. This allows us to offer the very latest technology with next day delivery across Saharsa (subject to stock availability) all backed up by first class customer service.

Kiran Computer Education Center [A unit of IACT education]


Kiran Computers (Institute for advanced computer technology - IACT) is an inimitable organization working with single minded purpose to bring a gigantic transformation in the world. It draws knowledge from a pool of proficiency and experience to offer the best and the most practical education to its students. It offers various Software, Hardware and professional career oriented courses and focus on the pursuit of excellence in Computer Education, Training and Research. Kiran Computers career courses ensure students to learn the skills that make them employable without compromising on quality and fundamentals.


Why choose Kiran Computers [A unit of IACT Education, Delhi] Education Center ??

“Innovation, Professionalism, Excellence, Quality & Access”


Kiran Computers [IACT] Education Center started the Computer Education and Training institution in India in 2003. Our CEO Chief Executive Officer, having understood the demand at the time for qualified people in the area of computing, introduced the Beginners Diploma in Computer Application. Since then, with very close relationship with industry, Kiran Computers Education Center has been introducing innovative courses to match the needs of the industry from time to time. New operating systems, computer languages and courses with modular structures were introduced giving the learner the best of options

Motive of KIRAN COMPUTERS ur main aim is the success of students



Kiran Computers(Institute for Advanced Computer Technology) popularly known as Kiran Computer was establish in 2010 with a vision to provide quality education to every corner of our country to contribute to the IT world by focusing on education and research.



Mobile Division


Kira Computers Mobile Training Institutes Provides hi-tech training to repair mobile phones of GSM & CDMA handsets by using highly sophisticated  instruments by well qualified and experinced faculty with an updated syllabus to make under -matriculate Industry fit.

Kiran Computers creates an industry fit candidate rather than a certificate holder.The mobile phone service technology can be taught any person with an average I.Q..

Kiran Computers have turned a better syllabus for making even a matriculate to be industry fit to run own mobile phone sales and service center throughout the saharsa (Bihar)INDIA. syllabus eplains accurate theory and covers very practical tips to make the candidate capable of repairig any mobile phone handsets irrespective of GSM,CDMA or any other new convergent products syllabus explains accurate theory and covers very practical tips to make the candidate capable of repairing any mobile phone handsets GSM ,CDMA or any other new convergent products.

Computer Training
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